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Antibacterial magnetic inner soles

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Antibacterial magnetic inner soles are made from foamed rubber latex covered with cotton cloth. In accordance with reflexogenic and acupunctural zones of the foot, permanent magnets are integrated inside the inner sole. Latex basis of the inner sole possesses bactericidal properties and the latex structure comprised of interconnecting cells makes a network of channels pumping the air over at every movement of the body. Thanks to these characteristics, inner soles made from foamed rubber latex ensure comfort and hygienics, and perforated surface of the inner sole and its cotton cloth lining ensure additional airing of your footwear and dryness of your feet. Influencing the biologically active zones of your foot, permanent magnets integrated inside the inner sole activate the blood flow and favor the clearance of blood-vascular system, restore permeability of arteries and veins, normalize metabolic processes and develop immunity.

Antibacterial magnetic inner soles are used to cure and prevent a lot of illnesses such as flat foot, calcaneal spur, feet bumps and fungus diseases; they help to control odor and make your feet less tired.

Antibacterial magnetic inner soles are recommended for regular use in all kinds of everyday footwear. When choosing the size, remember that the inner sole should fit tightly into your footwear and should not make your walking discomfortable.

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