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Sex-Mag, urogenital magnetotherapy applicator

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The applicator is intended for curing urogenital diseases of women and men and increasing sexual potency. The curative effect is achieved when the applicator contacts the body due to the action of magnetic field on the human tissues and organs.

The applicator is made from plastics with high-induction permanent magnets integrated from both sides. When the applicator is used, a magnetic field improving blood circulation and relieving inflammation in the genitals and urinary bladder, strengthening the muscular wall and sphincter muscle of urethra, normalizing urination and increasing sexual potency of men is created in the regions of small pelvis. It is recommended to every male over 50 years old to prevent development of adenoma and counteract the failure of sexual function.

The applicator is prescribed in cases of:
- more frequent urination,
- cystitis, urethritis,
- prostatitis,
- adenoma of prostata gland,
- decreasing of sexual potency,
- oophoritis.

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