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Tourmaline neck applicator (with magnetic insertions)

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The applicator is made on the basis of fabric containing tourmaline crystals with a diameter of 3 mm and permanent magnet systems. In the process of application when warmed by the human body tourmaline starts radiating long infrared waves that after a while cause a sensation of heat in the regions of exposure. Simultaneously with that, tourmaline generates negative ions penetrating into the body tissues, breaking down free radicals and stimulating production of antioxidants. As a result of complex action of negative ions and magnetic field, vessels are dilated, blood and lymph circulation are improved, degree of oxygen in blood is increased, cells energy is activated, nervous system functioning is regulated and immune functions of cells are enhanced. Application of tourmaline products promotes restoration of joints and bone tissues, excretion of intraarticular liquid and improvement of articular surfaces lubrication. Simultaneous action of several active components (negative ions, long-wave infrared radiation, microcurrents, magnetic field) ensures a strong long-term effect of health improvement.

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