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Tourmaline magnetic belt

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The girdle is made on the basis of fabric containing tourmaline crystals with a diameter of 3 mm and permanent magnet systems. The magnetic field, negative ions, long-wave infrared radiation caused by the heat of  the human body penetrate into deep layers of skin, break down active radicals and other harmful substances.        This action results in relaxation of nonstriated muscles of internals, vasodilation, improvement of blood circulation and lymph circulation, increase of degree of oxygen in blood, activation of cells energy, regulation of nervous system functioning and enhancement of immune functions of cells. Thanks to the application of tourmaline girdle, blood circulation is normalized, symptoms caused by exposure to cold and dampness are stopped, stagnation states are excluded, pain is relieved, body endurance is improved, stress is relieved, sleep is improved, wear of joints is reduced, muscle strain is relieved and general health-improving influence on the body is produced. Simultaneous action of several active components (magnetic field, infrared radiation, negative ions) ensures a strong long-term effect of health improvement.

The product operates without connection to power supply, it is charged by the sunlight or any source of heat. It is an everlasting accumulator of solar energy. Three hours of charging by solar energy is sufficient for 7-10 days of product operation.

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